In case I forget.

In case I can’t breath
July 29, 2006, 9:34 pm
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Ha! I just pulled up WordPress* and went to sign on. The title of this post? That’s what I typed for my user name. Hm. Guess there’s no question about what I’ll write about tonight.

I’ve stopped taking the Trileptal. Been on it about 10 days. Increased dose a day or so ago. Except for this past Wednesday, the burping has been a lot worse and getting stronger every day. Yesterday, my husband walked up and asked me a question. I was burping at the time, and he has to stand and wait for me to answer him. But then he had to stand some more. And then I started gasping between burp groupings, and I really started to get very scared.

He did too, I think. He stood there looking at me, knowing there was nothing he could do.

Finally, it stopped and I could get air in. I was able to answer his question.

His reply was, “Stop taking this medicine.”

Mine was, “Yeah.”

Today hasn’t been bad. Thankfully. I’m a good 40 hours without it, and I’m hoping to return quickly to what has pathetically become “normal”, which means about 20-35% burping, all day, every day. I was very very afraid that I would start degenerating cognitively again. I am relieved that I won’t be finding out.

Two weeks til’ TxCompEpiProg. Counting, who me? The nanoseconds.

*See? Still conforming! I want more points.


Tech Crap
July 15, 2006, 7:33 pm
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Finally got the Flickr widget to work, ditched the Visuals page. MMMMMMMmmmm. I love geekstuff.

Welcome to WordPress
July 11, 2006, 4:11 pm
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OK, first off – I’m here to document the part of my life that I’m not writing about currently at my “regular” blog. I chose the word “regular” because this place is most definitely going to be full of “irregular” stuff.

I use Blogger for my “regular blog” – have for years. I’m stodgy and change FUCKING SUCKS no matter what anyone says. Unless it’s like, underwear. That’s a good thing to change. But things that screw with your equilibrium SUCK. A lot of people say Blogger sucks. Maybe it does.

Since I’m here to write about bits of my BRAIN going away and what it is like to experience an almost constant state of fear for months punctuated by regular bouts of terror topped off with a series of severe psychic/emotional distresses and at least one hideous, drawn-out, public disassemblement of all dignity and self control, I thought it might be a good time to inflict an entirely new chunk of technology upon my already chemically assaulted synapses.

Hi there, WordPress!*

Like a good, logical information junkie, I go read a good bit about the gestalt of WordPress* and then I go to sign up for an account. It’s all the usual stuff, and I get to the security and password part. There is the drop-down for the Password Reminder Question. I drop it down, like a good citizen should.

Mother’s Birthplace. Well, that is contested. Her birth certificate says one thing but it was very rural and like most people then, her birth was recorded at the county seat, not at the actual site of the event. And the actual site is best described as “up the hill and across the road from the Fortenberry’s place”.

First Pet’s Name. Well, do you mean my very own precious first dog, or do you mean the first pet I remember, which wasn’t really my pet but actually a family pet for which I had no responsibility and who’s hair I often cut in creative ways.

Favorite Person in History. Holy Shit I honestly don’t think I HAVE one. Does EVERYONE have one? Is it truly such a common thing that it would be a standard Password Reminder Security question?

Grandfather’s Occupation. Well, which grandfather? My mother’s dad? My father’s dad? Or the guy my father’s mom married after she divorced my father’s dad? Or the guy she married after the second guy died? Hm?? WHICH ONE????

How the hell am I supposed to remember which answer I chose? These are all MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS.

I didn’t think WordPress would get this hard until I had to screw around with my template.

I took my first Xanex, ever, yesterday. This is going to be a looooooooooong story.

*I thus am a good person because I conform to the Meta Rules of Style. I believe I should get points for that. I read the instructions, OK????