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Eight Hours A Day
March 18, 2007, 10:43 pm
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That is how much “they” recommend a person sleep for a healthy life. But if that is turned on its head and you are only able to be awake eight hours a day, let me tell you, it isn’t healthy. I’m sleeping about 10 hours a night. Then after being up about three or four hours I go down for a four hour nap. Then I’m up for a few hours and down again for a nap for a few hours. I’m sleeping about 18 hours a day! I’ve tracked it back and I think this started not long after I began taking this Cymbalta. I had read the manufacterer’s website and they mention “sleepy” as a rare side effect. But I’ve also read some user review websites and extreme somnolence is sited as a not so rare side effect. It is really making my life very hard. So I have decided to go off this drug. I started at 30mg a day for a week and then up to 60mg a day. I don’t have any 30mg left and since I just saw my PCP last week I don’t want to go back to him about this. I’m just going to stop taking it tomorrow and see how I do for a week or so. If I have a problem I’ll go see my PCP. I’m not due to see him again until early May. I know that going cold turkey off an antidepressant is not recommended but I’ve only been taking it about six weeks and I’m not taking a high dose. I have to be able to be awake more than four hours at a time!

On the other front, I’ve talked with Counselor A about hypnotism. I’ve asked her if she has any experience with it helping with depression and PTSD. She said that she personally has know a couple of clients who have found some use for it and has a friend who has found it very useful. I asked her to ask around for a referral and she sent me to a psychologist who uses it as a tool in his practice. So I went last Friday to see Dr. Hypnotist. We clicked well. We talked for about an hour and a half. He isn’t at all weird and he isn’t promising that I’ll wake up all Pollyanna. I’m going to meet with him tomorrow and see how we do together. I’m very interested in this approach because so much of what my Counselor A talks about as a primary symptom of her labeling me with PTSD is the “white noise” in my head about the accident. I’m hopeful that hypnotism night be able to calm some of that. I sure as hell don’t want to take another pill. For anything. It’s a good bit woo woo for me. I’m not an alternative medicine type at all but I figure hell it can’t hurt. Anything but my unemployed pocket book. My insurance covers damned near everything in the world, but not hypnosis. If it helps it is certainly worth the money.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ve read so many things about stopping Cymbalta being a horrific experience. Most of the people who talk about that have been on it for a long time. So I’m hoping that six weeks won’t be a big deal. And lets also hope that my hypnotism scheme bears some calming brain fruit!


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Yikes. I just started Cymbalta today and based on stuff I read, I wouldn’t go off it cold turkey. I’m curious to see how it goes for you, as I’ve had nausea since I took my first capsule this afternoon.

Comment by Jacob

Hi Jacob. This is day two with no Cymbalta and so far I am thrilled. I had a normal sleep day yesterday. I went to bed at 10pm and woke up this morning at 6am. That is NOT normal – I usually stay up much later and get up much earlier – but the eight hours felt great and I haven’t been even a tiny bit sleepy today. I never had any nausea but I usually don’t have that problem when any drug says it’s a common side effect. Remember I was only on Cymbalta for about six weeks so I have to wonder if the horrible withdrawl problems are only for people who have been on it a long time. I know I couldn’t take it – I can’t only be awake for four hours at a time a couple of times a day!

Comment by incaseiforget

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