In case I forget.

Yeah I’m still here.
October 25, 2006, 11:06 pm
Filed under: Dr. NeuroPsych A, Memory, Neuro, RX

I know you all thought I had moved to Costa Rica, changed my name to Juanita, and started selling bananas at the docks but no, I’m still here.

I’ve seen Dr. NeuroPsych A a couple of more times. Last time we talked about neuropsych testing and I questioned what the point is. I know what is different about my cognitive/visual/etc skills now -v- pre-brain injury so I don’t see the need for my insurance company to pay $1,500 dollars so I can be told I have verbal problems, memory problems, comprehension problems, visual processing problems…

Dr. NeuroPsych A brought a bunch of dice to our last meeting. The dice were multi-sided like D&D dice. We played a game where she rolled the dice. One die had a big number on it and I was supposed to figure out how to add and subtract the numbers on the other dice to reach the big number. She demonstrated and could do it almost without thinking. I tried four times and, had I been a six year old, I would have thrown the dice at her out of frustration. Instead I just tried and tried and couldn’t do a single one. Not even close. It was like reading Sanskrit.

The burping has really improved over the last few weeks – I’m down in the 15-10% range most days. The last two days have been in the 25% and heavy range so that’s worrying. After my experience with Lamictal earlier this year when it quit working I am hypersensitive to its ongoing effectiveness. I don’t know where I’ll turn if it quits working again. Scary stuff.

Thanks to the two folks who have sent emails checking in on me.  Mainly just trying to be patient until my next appointment with Dr. Neuro B in the middle of November.


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