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Jumping in with both feet
September 27, 2006, 11:07 pm
Filed under: RX, Seizure

Wow. Today I managed to get as close to being fired as I’ve ever been. I’ve been in an adversarial position with my boss’s boss and my human resources manager for about a month now. It all came to a head today. I followed the grievance procedure in our handbook and today was the last option on the list.

Last night I spent three hours writing a detailed, specific list of complaints, giving specific illustrations, and referencing the pages in the our employee handbook that applied to each issue. Today, I had lunch with the chair of our board and turned it all over to her. The complaints were against our CEO and our HR manager.

Then I had to go back to work and tell our CEO that I had met with the chair, and why. The CEO was so angry at me that she actually said “You’re f-” but she stopped herself from firing me on the spot. She has learned how tenacious I can be, and I guess she had the sense to think “Wait, maybe I shouldn’t do this because sure enough if I do this woman will go get a lawyer and sue me for retribution.” I hope that’s what she thought, because that’s exactly what I would have done.

Let’s say that work is a little stressful these days. Not every day an administrative assistant has lunch with the board chair to rat out the CEO. Heady stuff.

The Lamictal is working great and I’ve been so much more like myself for the past month. Which means I won’t shut my mouth and I will keep pushing for improvements and for management to address my complaints and if they don’t I’ll go up the chain. So I might be unemployed soon. I can live with that.

Unfortunately all the stress has made my burping worse. Today I was up to 40%, which is a lot for me lately. Looking forward to hitting 300mg and maybe being seizure free. Didn’t plan to be seizure free AND job free. Funny how the world works.


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