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All things for a reason?
September 21, 2006, 10:20 pm
Filed under: Fear, Neuro, Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

I’ve been trying to find “the positive” in this whole brain injury experience, but it’s been pretty difficult.

Today, I think I found a little bit.

I was at work this morning and I went into the restroom to brush my hair. The mom of a student at the school where I work was in there. We started chatting about her son. She said she was really concerned about him because he had been taken off his ADHD meds and put on an anti-seizure drug but that his ADHD was out of control.

We talked about that a little bit and then she started talking about how she is concerned about the anti-seizure drug, about her son’s neurologist, and if he is even having seizures. I told her of my own experience with finding the right anti-seizure drug. She was surprised that I have seizures. I told her I am taking Lamictal and it is helping me a lot. She said that is what her son had been given.

She has so many concerns. She described what sounds like partial complex seizures to me: “Sometimes he’ll just stop whatever he’s doing and stare off into space, and be unresponsive. Then he’ll come back.” She said initially her neurologist refused to put her son on medication. Then she told me that her neuro hadn’t required them to come in for an appointment for a year, just started giving them prescriptions over the phone. She said her son had recently started having “jerking” episodes in his sleep at night. She told me that his symptoms seemed to be happening more often.

I told her that it’s not rare for children to have seizures. I told her that in children, a “wait and see” approach isn’t rare in children since they often outgrow their seizures. I told her that anti-seizure medications affect everyone differently and that sometimes a person has to try a variety of drugs to find the right one.

Then I told her that I wasn’t giving her medical advice, but that she might want to consider getting a second opinion from another neurologist. She said she was so frustrated and afraid that she didn’t know what to do next. I told her about my seizures, and my experience at the Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. She had never heard of it. I told her that there are neurologists who specialize in pediatric seizure disorders. I gave her their phone number and web site and told them how they had helped me.

She cried. She said she had almost given up hope of helping her son.

Two years ago I knew nothing about seizures. Now, because of my own problems, I know a lot about them. Because of what I’ve had to deal with I had information that this mother needed and I was able to give her a little hope, a new chance to get help. So maybe there is a reason I’m going through this. Maybe there is a reason my brain was injured. Maybe her precious son will get help, improve, and grow up to be a spectacular human being. I’m choosing to hope so.


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