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OK, THIS is weird!
September 17, 2006, 12:25 am
Filed under: RX

I’m sitting at my desk yesterday, working, working, working. Trying to catch up on two weeks worth of not being able to mount the server. Grrrr.

I feel, on my left thigh, a vibration. I think, “this new cell phone is driving me nuts – when did I put it on vibrate??”. I reach into my pants pocket to pull it out but…the pocket is empty. I think, “OK. Weird.” I then see my phone on my desk.

A few second later, my thigh rings again. Then a few seconds later, again. And again.

So since about 3:30 pm yesterday my left thigh has developed a vibration. Honest to God, it feels like a cell phone. But what it is instead I believe is my lateral fermoral cutaneous nerve. It is pulsing. Just about in time with my heartbeat. If there were an artery that ran along the outside of the front of my thigh, I would think it IS my heartbeat.

Instead, I believe it’s just another weird as shit aspect of Lamictal. I believe this because the patch of skin on the top of the front of my right thigh that’s been dead to the touch since 1985 (bad nerve healing following gallbladder removal) has again come ALIVE with sensation and I’ve scratched it raw. It’s itching like I got bit by a swarm of fire ants. But I haven’t of course.

I’ll take vibrating nerves and insane itching any day over continuously burping until I throw up and can’t get air in any day. I’m just going to mark this down as another joy of modern pharmaceuticals and try to ignore it. Because it takes a sincere effort to ignore it.

Go put your cell phone on vibrate, stick it in your pocket, and then call yourself continuously for a day and a half. Feel my vibration.


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