In case I forget.

But I was THINKING the correct word!
September 17, 2006, 12:31 am
Filed under: Brain Bits, Memory

And….here come the cognitive side effects again. The last post I wrote? I proofed it four times. It wasn’t until the fifth read that I saw I had written “that that” instead of “thigh that” and “is is instead” rather than “it is instead” and a couple of other such mistakes that I can’t even remember now (yeah, there goes the short term memory).

Now, if I would start thinking food looks GROSS and get horny like a lizard, I’ll have some side effects that I LIKE.


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That sounds a lot like my “normal” post writing process. My favorite trick is that I will leave out two, three or four letter words entirely. I know I’m thinking of them when I construct the sentence in my head. Maybe because I think faster than I type, the way I stay even is by dropping small words.

Comment by Brian the Red

Those side effects would make Lamictal a best seller. I love your sense of humour!

Comment by HealthPsych

Brian: You know I never thought about that. I type 80wpm, but I know my brain runs a hell of a lot faster than that.

HP: I’m still waiting and hoping. At this point, the horny lizard part is what I would like even more than the “That porterhouse is just ugly” part. :)

Comment by incaseiforget

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