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Less Is More Better
September 14, 2006, 10:07 pm
Filed under: Brain Bits, Fear, Husband, Memory, RX

Oh oh oh I have all my Lamictal taking fingers and toes crossed. I’m at 125 mg a day now and have had about a week and a half of not horrible days burp-wize. The appetite suppression and horny like an armadillo still hasn’t kicked in but I’m hopeful!

I have noticed little tickles of cognitive problems starting to come back. I’m dancing around a little bit of short term memory problems, and I’m definitely leaning back towards over reacting to stress. I’ve had a few of the exciting electrical shocks again, this time through my right wrist which is pretty disturbing because there is a lot of metal in there and it feels hot for a while after the shock sensation. Also, the visual thing is coming back – where I’m looking at a word but not seeing it, having trouble pronouncing things I know how to say. But it is very very mild compared to the “Put Me In A Rubber Room” state that I was in on Keppra and Trileptal.

I’m thanking the big guy in the sky a lot for the improvements I’ve made, and for the great medical care I continue to be so lucky to receive, and for my husband who for some crazy reason things I’m the shizzle.

If none of this gets much worse and the burping continues to get better I’m going to try my knees out for a happy dance. Thanks to all who take the time to comment and lend support. This stuff is so freaking scary.


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