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Quality you can see and feel
August 29, 2006, 9:15 pm
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Today was MRI day. Because I got a copy of the script I was able to come home and google why I had to have another MRI. When I was meeting with Dr. Neuro B and I asked him, he told me that their machine is super duper powerful (not a direct quote) which I didn’t understand because the MRI I had in February was on a 3 Tesla and the MRI he ordered would also be on a 3 Tesla.

What I learned today is that what is different is the test itself. This was an “Epilepsy Protocol” MRI which shoots different/additional angles and also has a tighter tolerance for gaps in the slices. So all that makes sense. I wish Dr. Neuro B had explained that to me at the time because I’ve been wondering. BUT he doesn’t know me so he doesn’t know what I need from him. I’ll bring this up when we talk next and see if he and I can get a good communication pipeline.

As for the quality. Houston has a gazillion hospitals. Most of them are part of a chain. Memorial Hermann Healthcare System is a big local chain. It has consolidated and eaten hospitals all across the region. At its heart is Hermann Hospital. They’re the folks who saved me and my legs and hand and everything else after the accident. They’re top of the line. If you work for MHHS and you work at Hermann? You’re the cream of the crop. This was proven again today.

From the (ok maybe a little too PERKY that early in the morning) admissions guy to the patient MRI guy who, when I went from fine and laying on the MRI table to crying and scared, was kind. And the nurse? The one who came in to help me go into that machine? Wow.

First she asked if I wanted drugs and I said yes and told her I had already taken a Xanex to help me not freak out but that it obviously wasn’t helping a lot.

She said ok, and then she talked to me. She quietly and calmly talked me into that machine. We talked about why I was scared, and I told her that I’m pretty sure that being stuffed inside a big metal machine that makes loud crashing and banging sound which I can’t get myself out of has sort of being a touchy thing for me the last couple of years and I told her why.

She was patient and understanding. She talked about how I was NOT in that Miata, that I was safe. We talked about how I knew I was safe especially at Hermann because of my past experience with the great people there. When she asked me where my “happy place” was we all had to laugh because I said “In my new Miata, driving!”

We settled on a safe rather than happy place and talked a lot about being curled up in bed with my husband and my dog. She got me into that machine and she was so good that by the time I was ready I had forgotten all about wanting drugs. That’s quality you can see and feel. 


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MRIs can be awful. I never knew I was claustrophobic until I got an MRI. Having someone understanding and talk you through it makes a great difference in getting through it.

Comment by HealthPsych

Hey HP – I am appear to only be claustrophobic from my waist up… stick my legs in a MRI and I go to sleep. But trap my head and arms in the big helium death machine and I squeal like a pig.

Comment by incaseiforget

For me, I’m fine right until my arms brush against the side of the tube.

Comment by HealthPsych

Yes! Yes! That’s when I feel really trapped. One thing I found that helps is wearing a really soft long sleeved shirt. That way the fabric slides against the surface of the machine instead of my skin rubbing it. It somehow makes it feel less like being “trapped”.

Comment by incaseiforget

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