In case I forget.

Not clicking the ruby slippers yet.
August 25, 2006, 5:45 pm
Filed under: Memory, RX, Seizure

I just looked over the last week or so on the Toteboard and I told myself not to get excited, but I did allow myself a little bit of a smile. It’s not a bad trend, if it is a trend.

The dosage for Lamictal is still veryveryvery low, but last time it kicked in quickly with a small but noticable lessening of burping, and gradually increased to a few days of none at all. I haven’t noticed any increase in cognitive problems yet, though I did forget that I made both lunch and evening plans with a friend tomorrow. BUT I hadn’t written them in my calendar so I can’t be help responsible. HA!

We’ll see.

I have noticed a little appetite change and that’s good. Now let’s see if that other side effect comes back, too. I swear if I get the Triple Crown I’ll buy this stuff from Mexico if I have to in order to stay on it.

Big weekend in the country news: a month from now I’ll be joining about 12 good friends at a hunting lodge over in East Texas. We did it last year, and it was super. I’m looking forward to it!


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