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One week down, a million to go.
August 20, 2006, 7:38 pm
Filed under: Dr. PCP

No there is no change. No I didn’t expect one this early. I’m ok with all that.

I am pretty freaked out about 815am tomorrow morning. I have to go see Dr. PCP because The Husband and The Boss both think a mild sore throat for 2.5 weeks warrants a doctors visit.

Freaked out because the last time I was there was a major meltdown, a real break from civilized, and I don’t know how to deal with his nurse. I am hoping that they will have the sense to have a different nurse deal with me. One that I haven’t cussed out in the parking garage, one that isn’t so bereft of the concept of patient care, instead of cattle moving.

But if she is the one, I have to decide how to deal with her. I have two choices. I can completely ignore any words she says, like she is a gnat in the room, until she leaves and tells Dr. PCP “YOU deal with her.” Or I can make my only utterance to her “I prefer to speak directly with my physician.” Which is much more rational, mature, and classy. I hope I take the high ground.

And a little freaked out because I have to see him for something stupid like a sore throat.


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How’d it go with Nurse Ratched?

I had a persistent sore throat and went to my Family Practitioner. He took one look and diagnosed infection, take these for a week. A week later I was back because the sore throat wasn’t gone. Hmmm, take these stronger antibiotics for a week. A week later I was back because the sore throat wasn’t gone. He ships me off to an ENT guy. He looks at me and says, “Acid Reflux.” Take these purple pills, don’t eat these things, sleep on your left side and elevate your bed. 6 months later the throat is still still sore…

Let me guess, they told you your throat was irritated from the constant belching and they gave you a prescription for some concoction to gargle and then swallow that is $50 a bottle.

Comment by Brian the Red

Ha! Well it wasn’t that bad. Dr. PCP didn’t like 2.5 weeks and was surprised when I told him he could see the red. He said antibiotics. I scoffed. He said culture and upper GI. I said he was just being an asshole. I took the antibiotics. Six months for a sore throat? N-e-w d-o-c-t-o-r. :)

Comment by incaseiforget

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