In case I forget.

Tomorrow…it’s only a day away
August 13, 2006, 9:35 pm
Filed under: Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Yes, I’m feeling very show-tuney today. My next selection will be from Mutiny on The Bounty.

This is what it felt like to wait for Christmas when I was a kid. You started thinking about it on Halloween, then by Thanksgiving you were snooping in the attic and the Forbidden Top Shelf of Mother’s Closet for the white pleather knee high go-go boots that you were gonna DIE if they didn’t get you for Christmas.*

MRI films? Check.

Referral form? Check.

EEG report? Check.

Meds list? Check.

Printout of Seizure Toteboard? Check.

Irrational hope that Something Good Will Happen at TxCompEpiProg? Check.

*I did indeed snoop out the go-go boots. Then I got caught. And they held them for punishment until February. That’s a looooong time to go without go-go boots when you KNOW they’re there, being held hostage. 


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Fingers and everything crossed for a good outcome!

Comment by HealthPsych

Your fingers and everyone’s prayers…I think maybe it paid off!! Thank you for your continuing kind words. I’m off to submit my report right now!

Comment by incaseiforget

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