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One Week More To Wait
August 7, 2006, 10:40 pm
Filed under: Fear, Mental Health, Neuro, Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

The focus now is on not pinning too much on FINALLY getting to the TxCompEpiProg appointment. It’s just another doctor, who will just order more tests, that may but more likely may not answer any questions.

Realistic Best Case: More drugs that might make me disassemble, might make me nuts, rather, might make me MORE nuts. The best part of the realistic best case? They might might might might… 

MiddleOfTheRoadButStilllPrettyFreakingHorrific Case: “Now this cranial saw won’t hurt a bit, we promise!” 

WhoTheHellKnowsHowRealistic Worst Case: I’m stuck right where I am, slowlyslowlyslowly getting worse, no one can figure out what’s wrong or why it’s happening. I am shuffled from here to there and subjected to the scrutiny of more and more brains, who’s collective years of college would, if piled upon one another, actually crush the earth like an armadillo on highway 71, but still find no help. I grow to like the color of the rubber on the walls of my room, and I forget what the texture of food is like that has to be cut with a knife. Or, one day I can’t stop the burping and I can’t get air and I. die.

Seven Days. I think I’ll go play some Ronnie Wood.


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I empathise totally. Going through a similar scenario myself. I have to approach each appointment reining in the hope because most likely my hope will be dashed and I will make no progress. I hope things turn out differently for you and something beneficial results.

Comment by HealthPsych

thank you…this scenario sucks, yeah!

Comment by incaseiforget

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