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Nothing is simple
July 16, 2006, 7:23 pm
Filed under: RX

There are all these pills. They have to be taken daily, at least.

The hard ones are of course the ones that keep changing.

Last night, going to bed.

There’s this big pill box. It has seven little individually covered boxes inside of it. It’s ugly, opaque white plastic. The guy at (what the HELL is the name of that vitamin shop? damned) gave it to me when I was in there buying something else. You pretty much have to have one to take pills like I have to take pills. Opening and closing all the bottles and not getting them mixed up every freaking day is took hard. It’s easier to only do it once a week. 

There it is, the pill box, on the table by my bed. Seeing it reminds me that this Trileptal is a twice a day thing, early and late. So I open the big box and then the correct little box inside the big box, but the little box is empty.

Which means I have to find all the pill bottles, and also the big stack of teensy weensy Trileptal sample pill bottles and snap and sort and click shut – but I also have to find my calendar because I don’t know what day I am on in the ramp up on the Trileptal, and I don’t know what dosage to put in the seven little boxes.

So back into the living room, turn the lights on, into the kitchen, back to the bedroom huffing, annoyed. 

It had been a good day. Quiet, at home with my husband. To a friend’s house to play cards in the evening. Nice. A little pressure from trying to keep up with the card games and not feel/look/be stupid. Half a Xanex helped*.

Then, back to reality – back to sorting and counting and clicking the seven little boxes shut. 

*Impossible to clearly explain how much I despise being a person who would say “half a Xanex helped”.


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Your big pill box, it’s like your personal purse. Treat it as an original.

Very nice blog!

Comment by flic

What a nice thing to say. Thanks Flic. Made me smile. I appreciate it!

Comment by incaseiforget

Coool site, greate design!

Comment by BelaOrgag

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