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Seizure Toteboard
July 13, 2006, 7:59 pm
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One of the things I need to do here is record how I’m doing seizure-wize. Assuming of course that this burping this really is what Dr. Neuro A says, partial simple seizures. She said when she read the EEG that it was clear as day. But then, when she referred me to the Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Center she said she didn’t know what the hell was going on.

We don’t know what the hell is going on, and won’t begin to learn anything new until at least the middle of August, which is when the first appointment was available.

So I’ve created a Seizure Toteboard over there on the left. I’ll use it to track my symptoms because remember I HAVE NO MEMORY. And because doctors are scientists which means they pay a lot more attention to YOUR opinion if you can actualy quantify the facts for them instead of say something remote like “I burped a lot yesterday!” I’ll back track to the last day I remember and update regularly.

This is the formula:

Date // XX% of time w/burping during any given day // Type of burping i.e. series of burps, often long and connected by short breaks or random burping here and there. Each day is usually mixed, but most days the serial type is dominant. // Strength of burp from very light to horrific i.e. can’t get air in, vomiting with burping, etc. // Comment or note.

7/14 // 40% // medium // serial // very tiring, breath issues

7/13 // 35% // medium, a few strong // mixed //started Trileptal 75mg bid. Eight day since stopped Keppra.

7/12 // 55% // medium to very strong // serial

7/11 // 30% // light to medium // random, a few serial


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